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The following are some select projects that we’re particularly proud of. We’ve worked on many endeavors with wonderful clients so this is merely a taste.


EMAG OF EFIL by T.C. Jester is a comedy adventure about how to hack Life. It’s an interactive meta-narrative across multiple media including a five-book series, web, mobile, videogame, and alternate reality game with offline action. EMAG OF EFIL has been described as Alice and Harry Potter find the Hitchhiker’s Guide inside the Matrix. 

Grounded in Positive Psychology, the transmedia story-game offers young people and adults a playful approach to well-being. Participants can read the books, build their characters, interact via social media and perform real-world missions to earn Foole Points. EMAG OF EFIL speaks to anyone who needs help leading a happier, more meaningful life.  For all the frustrated players out there, the Humorist philosophy helps us understand why the world is so absurd and how lightening up can be the best Game strategy. So, you’ll never be accepted at Hogwarts or make it as a Jedi. No worries. Now you can learn the Way of the Foole. 

EMAG OF EFIL is innovative pro-social entertainment that offers a practical guide to Life and broadens our awareness. It’s a fun, unpredictable journey that encourages questioning, overcoming obstacles, creativity, cooperation, non-violence and positive participation in the world. It’s a provocative comedy that leverages the popularity of games to empower people to let go of BS and become their true selves.

The first two books (Emag of Efil, Way of the Foole) have been released and T.C. is working on the sequels (Mega Manual, Foolish Nature). The Emag of Efil ARG is already being played by thousands.


Soul Drops


Fooles Group is partnering with Metaphyta to offer Soul Drops, ancient healing plant microdosing for mind-body-spirit. We’re helping people discover their innate power to self-heal and optimize their wellness through all-natural herbal supplements, workshops and other positive life products. In addition to managing Product and Marketing, T.C. Jester has been holding workshops on microdosing and biopsychospiritual self-healing.




Created by T.C. Jester, StepMonsters is an animated series about a stepmother and her two stepchildren who see each other as monsters and must battle to survive in one horrific household.  Henry and Gretta’s Stepmother may look normal to everyone else but they know she’s really a hideous StepMonster planning their demise. Little do they know that their StepMonster sees them as a couple of little StepMonsters who must be thwarted from their attempts to eliminate her.  It’s an epic battle of monster vs. monsters as each episode features a ridiculous series of misunderstandings and mishaps.  Every story has two sides that leave the audience wondering who the real monsters are.  

Based on her experiences as a StepMother, T.C. created StepMonsters as a playful property about the humorous difference between the way kids and adults view the world. StepMonsters allows families to find the funny by seeing how easily misunderstandings in life can blow out of proportion. The pilot for StepMonsters aired on Nickelodeon.  

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