Fooles Group

Fooles Group is excited to offer new, expanded services. We continue to evolve personally and professionally and so does our work. Our services include coaching, integration, energy balancing, strategic consulting, and development for individuals and businesses. Taking an intentional approach, we aim to inspire and facilitate meaningful solutions through a balanced, positive path to success. Together, we move past old stories so you can create innovative new experiences. Whether you’re looking to optimize your personal or professional performance, develop creatively, overcome blocks, engage others, or discover your purpose, we can help you learn how to hack it. 


Life Coaching & Holistic Healing

We offer private sessions and group workshops to empower healing, energetic balance, integration  and optimization of mind-body-spirit. Our goal is to facilitate your access to inner power and wisdom so you can effectively achieve goals. And we help you reconnect with your sense of humor—the most valuable tool to transform, self-liberate and hack the Game of Life. Sessions include multiple forms of personal development derived from our training in Applied Positive Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Laughter Wellness, Breakthrough Coaching, Shamanic Reiki, Shamanic Plant Healing and Integration, Meditation, Dance, Theatre, Improv, Comedy, and Games. We draw on modern and ancient wisdom to allow you to awaken the free spirit within and discover purposeful joy. 

Work playfully with T.C. Jester to develop your personal Life strategy. Play EMAG OF EFIL and complete the 8 Missions to acquire the tools to help you eliminate blocks, overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and transform set-backs into set-forwards. Discover your innate ability to self-heal, rebalance and energize by accessing your inner wisdom, stepping into your power and embracing your True Self. Find out how to hack mini-games like Career, Relationships and Family. Learn how to listen to frustration and use it to take action and make positive change. We'll work on setting intentions, creating goals, manifesting abundance and developing a deeper, more meaningful existence to hack happiness for a more enjoyable Life.

Sessions can be held in person or via Skype.


Workshops & Events

We produce unique workshops and events that empower self-healing, transformation, and improving individual and team performance. We currently offer the following topics and can create custom events upon request. (These topics can also be delivered as online content.)

  • Life Hacking: Positive strategies for self-transformation
  • Humor Healing: Lighten up and let go
  • Microdosing: Legal options for self-healing and performance optimization
  • Mystical Integration: Return to reality with powerful Life Lessons
  • Sacred Play: Embracing Life with Love and Laughter  
  • Trickster Shamanism: Spiritual Comedy & Cosmic Jokers
  • Way of the Foole: Following the Humorist Path 
  • Question Everything: Expand awareness and shift perspective
  • Find the Funny: Gain perspective & build resilience
  • Lose Your Mind: How to let go of BS 
  • How to play the Game of Life with Joy
  • Share the Joke: Spread Positive Energy



We offer business consulting with a particular focus on product strategy and optimizing team performance. We also offer creative services including branding, positioning, design, and copywriting. Our work has included corporations, small businesses, start-ups, government agencies, schools, non-profits, groups, and individuals. If you're looking to take it to the next level, Fooles Group can help.


Multimedia Production

Fooles Group produces innovative cross-media that engage the audience on multiple levels. We have extensive experience in multimedia entertainment and educational brands for young people and adults that include games, mobile, web, film/video, animation, books, theatre, and other live events. Our compelling brand of interactive experiences entertain, inspire and elevate. We don’t try to think outside the box because we know there is no box. Our recipe for success combines creative risk-taking and respect for the audience.